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Princess Jade Alice Dawn

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1Princess Jade Alice Dawn Empty Princess Jade Alice Dawn on Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:14 am

Princess Jade Alice Dawn Jade

Person --

| Name: Jade Alice Dawn
| Alias: The White Fox
| Title: Princess

| Actual Age: 21
| Apparent Age: 18
| Date of Birth: Unknown

| Race: Kitsune/Cthonian(One of the lasts)
| Gender: Female
| Height: 5'3"
| Weight: 120lbs
| Physique: Slim, curvy

| Eyes:A shade of hot pink, and within her pupils an amber glow
| Hair color: Black
| Hair style: it lays just beyond her shoulders, cut in many layers to give it a choppy look. It frames her face very well.
| Skin Tincture: white almost pale

| Affiliations: 

| Occupation: Princess and Ruler of Enastana
| Other jobs: 
| Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
| Deity: none

| Soft Spot: Her comrades, she'll never leave anyone behind.
| Likes: Candy, sweets, being praised, having friends, fighting, winning, explaining something, Vodka, Fish, getting a boyfriend, and ditching her arranged marriage to go to another world.
| Dislikes: Traitors, water, thunder, thorns, losing, death, and Bad guys. And cats
| Fears: Thunder, Water, Death, Being betrayed again, and showing weakness.

| Sexual orientation: Straight (unless she is drunk)
| Status: Taken

Attire --

| Shoulders: Red leather like jacket

| Torso: black tang top

| Arms: pockets on her jacket

| Hands: nothing

| Hips: A tan bag that carries everything she needs. And her gun.

| Legs: black tight shorts

| Footwear: converse.

Abilities --

Natural Abilities: 

As a kitsune her hearing, smell and taste are heightened beyond most creatures. With training they have become better over the years.

She is very agile, and fast. She focusses on speed and dodging more than anything.

Supernatural Abilities:

Pyro: A gas-like liquid comes out of her palms, and can ignite at her will, causing a blue flame. They burn at temperatures as high as 700 degrees, sometimes hotter depending on her mood. She can control the temperature for a short while. She can shoot the flame balls out.

Dousing: Using the same gas, she will put it on her targets if they get in a 4 feet range of her. The gas will fuse to their clothing.

Clay bombs: Long ago, she was infused with a kenkai genkai from a dear friend who passed. Her left hand has a mouth on it, she can chew clay in it, and infuse it with explosive chakra. She can shape the clay into most shapes, and send them at her target, then detenate them at will.

Focus Strength: She has unatrual strength, and can access it when she focusses. When she does, she usually realies on that more than anything else. She can throw a punch with 1 k pounds of force behind it.

Electricity: She can charge electricity in her body, and shoot it out like lightning. 

Energy Sheild: She can put up a quick defense, and energy sheild that can take heavey damage. 

EM Feilds: She can see EM fields around creatures, and any technology.

| Weaknesses: She can't swim,  she cant use to much of her cthonian powers otherwise she will overheat, and either pass out, and if not cooled down fast enough she will die. Once past 1000 degrees she is in the danger zone, and can pass out anytime after that. Her tail is a major weakness, if touched.. Well let's just say she gets weak in the knees and usually falls over.
She cannot use her explosive clay, and her electricity at the same time.

Princess Jade Alice Dawn JAde

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