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Jade's tips, and small guide to roleplaying

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1Jade's tips, and small guide to roleplaying Empty Jade's tips, and small guide to roleplaying on Sat Apr 18, 2015 4:12 am

This is a guide for new roleplayers to follow, if they wish too. 

Everything I put here will be from my experience of role playing, 9 years worth of it.

The first thing to do in any roleplaying game is check out the rules. Most put rules to make a little more challenging and less chaotic. 

The second part is character creation. When making a character, its like making a piece of yourself. The basic things to remember: Name, Gender , Personality, and appearance. The second base things: History, Job, style, fears. 
The more you work on your character, the more real they will feel. 

Finding a place where your character feels at home. This one is tricky, and it usually helps if you can find a roleplay partner to partake in a team thing with you. Or joining a group/organization. 

Making your posts detailed. The minimum word count limit here is 25. (It used to be 50, but I lowed it) It may seem intimidating, but in all truth it is easier than it looks. Think of the five W's you learned in school. Who? (What character) what? (What are they doing, or actions) Where? (Where are they) When? (In what order are they doing things) and why? (Why are they doing it? what are they're thoughts?)
The five W's can be applied in all forms of role play.

My tips:
Here is one tip to a  whole new character. Make a character that is not fully developed, so that way they have room to grow, and they can change, and be shaped through role play. 

Now those are my four steps on roleplaying.

What is Godmodding?
God modding is a category of abilities and actions that make any roleplay less enjoyable. Auto Hitting, unable to die in any way, teleporting, controlling characters that are not yours in any way, those things are considered god modding to me.
In some cases, continuously dodging and never getting hit is godmodding depending on who you are playing with. If your character is weak in his sheet, then he can't possibly be able to dodge everything the enemy is throwing at him.


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