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Ruby Abagale Dawn

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1Ruby Abagale Dawn Empty Ruby Abagale Dawn on Fri Jan 02, 2015 1:43 pm

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Person --

| Name:  Ruby Abagale Dawn

| Actual Age: 21
| Apparent Age: 17
| Date of Birth: N/A

| Race: Kitsune
| Gender: Female
| Height: 5'3"
| Weight: 125lbs
| Physique: Slim

| Eyes: Green
| Hair color: Black
| Hair style: Curly
| Skin Tincture: Fair, soft

| Affiliations: N/A
| Alignment: Chaotic Evil
| Soft Spot: None. Yet
| Likes: Seeing others suffer, tricking people
| Dislikes: Nothing, she says, but she doesn't like it when people don't care what she does.

Apparel --
| Torso: Light pink shirt
| Legs: Blue jeans
| Footgear: A normal pair of black vans
| Other: She has a pair of white fox ears, and a white fox tail, all with black tips

Other --

She can easily be mistaken for as Jade, the only real differences between the two is ruby has curly hair, and green eyes, Jade has pink eyes, straight hair, and an amber glow within her pupils.

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