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Dawn Twins

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1Dawn Twins Empty Dawn Twins on Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:17 pm

Dawn Twins The%2BDawn%2Btwins

Names: Sarah / Timothy Dawn
Age: 5 almost 6
Eye Color: Hot pink
Race: Kitsune, and Cthonian

Hair color: Red
Typical hairstyle: Sarah usually has her hair long, and either up in two messy pig tails, or down. Timmy has short spiky hair.

Height: Sarah is 3'8" and still growing, Tim is 4'2" and still growing
Weight: Sarah: 60lbs Tim: 73lbs
Type of body/build: Skinny

Skin tone: Almost pale but has some color
Skin type: fair

Distinguishing Marks: They both have an amber glow within their pupils, the mark of a cthonian. And they both have a set of arctic fox ears, and a tail.

Most predominant feature: Their ears and tail, and the amber glow within their eyes.

Weakness: They are still kids, they don't know the extent of their powers, and they don't know all their weaknesses either.
Physical abilities (what is character good at? sports, etc.): Sarah is fast on her feet, she can move faster than most canine animals. Tim is almost as fast, but he is physically stronger than sarah.

Supernatural Abilities: They don't know their powers yet, other than they both can manipulate electricity.


Color: Sarah: Pink Tim: Blue
Music: They both like pop, punk, and classical
Food: Mostly sweets


Hometown: Lighting Valley, Enastana
Type of childhood: They are still in their childhood, but so far they have been stolen from their mother, and just recently ran away from their captors. 
First memory: They can't remember


They are looking for their family


Priorities: Finding their mother of father, and not getting caught again.

Sarah: She is smart, tricky, emotional, and still learning who she is. 
Timothy: He is bold, brave, easily impressed, and he is protective over his sister.


Where does character live: In Glathrea, on the streets

Where does character want to live: Home


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