A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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About Glathrea

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1About Glathrea Empty About Glathrea on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:48 pm

Glathrea is a Pretty big country in it's self, A large castle that looks like shadows in the sunset. The entire city is made of the rare mineral rock Onyx if you want to find this rock. the easiest way to find it you'll have to get it from here. The ruler, Prince Andreas, has been in control for 4 years, and have yet to win all the hearts of his people. The land it's self is full of rough terrain and caves where Dragons lay. The other smaller villages and towns are farther apart from the Castle it's self the most known City in Glathrea other than MoonBright -The name of the Castle City- is The city of Lunaris, This City is a sea side city West of Glathrea, it is said on nice clear days, you can see The Castle in MoonBright.

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