A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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Species of Glathrea

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1Species of Glathrea Empty Species of Glathrea on Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:29 pm

The elemental

The elemental is what the Dragovians with elemental powers are called, there are 8 known elements in Glathrea.


These are the most common elements. and the more rare are listed here

(As far as we know.)

There also are possible mixture (only two combinations.)


Fire/soul (any one can end up with this Mixture if their fire is Blue, Sapphire blue)
Life/Fire (Green fire)
Fire/water (Cyan)
Fire/Dark (black fire)
fire/earth (molten rock or magma)
Fire/Love ( Pink/Very bright red fire)
Fire/Death(Extremely rare Very dark color {Your choice})
Fire/life (Green fire)
Fire/Light (White Fire. Very bright)
Fire/Wind (Ice blue)
Water/Death (Extremely rare)
Earth/Water (a.k.A Mud XD)
Earth/wind (Sand)


Draceidae Maximus

Dragon Family

The Dragovians are the main sentient species in Glathrea They can be characterized by the dragnliec features, Dragon-like Wings, Dragon-like tail or Reptilian tail, Horns, Any of these.
The Dragovians also have the ability to transform into dragons, but only for a short period of time, the time depends on how far they are from the main line of Dragovians. Not all Dragovians are Dragons; there are many other kinds, Such as hydra, Basilisk and Scalia (A.K.A Sea Hydra) and any other creatures that are related in some way to Dragons. (This includes amphibians and lizards.)

A Dragovian is a mix of a Dragon or Dragon related species, meaning, it’s not only hedgehog-Dragon, there is also Cat, Foxes, Wolves, Human, Even Lizard Varieties.

Dragovians had what looks like hair that is called a mane, it covers the top of their head, their mane length and texture depends on their breed, Dragon's mane texture is almost like silk, smooth this and can grow about 5 ft for females 2ft for males. A Demon's mane feels like wool it's grows thicker than Dragons but is shorter, Female's mane grow to 4 ft long and male 1 ft. A hydra's mane is the longest but is wiry, and is thin. Their mane can grow, on record, 10 ft long, and the shortest is 4 ft. Both genders of this breed can grow long manes. (For the Human-Dragovian, it's called Hair.)
Scalia lily
Hydrodyptes Maximentus
Aqua Plant Family
The Scalia Lily is common in lakes and Swamps; this lily is known for a potent Toxin that has killed those who consumes it. The flower of the Water plant ranges to Brilliant Whites and Blues to Bright Reds and Violets. This plant also has a lily pad look to it, only it is shaped like a Banana Leaf and has multiple flowers.

Hydra Daisy

No scientific name at the moment

Dragonic Family

The Hydra daisy is unique and can be easily seen apart from other flowers. This particular plant is rare but would grow like a bush fire when in the right conditions. The Hydra daisy has healing properties like the Salutifer Sugarcane found in Estana but with out the ability to cure diseases or regrow organs or limbs. this plant can make any major-life threatening wound heal, and stop bleeding. if one is to lose a limb and this was used to heal it, the wound would close up leaving the wounded are a skin covered nub making it impossible to replace the arm. Do not attempt to mix the two plants as Dangerous sitifects can occur.

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