A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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About Zao ying

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"The country of Zao Ying. Built upon the fertile soils, trust and horrible crimes of its past, this country is now among the most successful countries in its corner of the world.
Their literacy, infrastructure and life expectancy are among its current greatest strengths. Unfortunately they lack a little in natural resources and sustainability.

Zao Ying is a patriarchal country. There are little to none opposing groups against the current leadership, but this is only a recent occurrence.
However, the current greatest threat to the nation is a drought, but the current leadership is working with the public to solve this issue.

The people of Zao Ying are happy. They live great lives and while natural resources might be lacking, their literacy helps relief most of their issues.
Religion holds quite some importance in their lives and, if anything, has made them more careful. The people of Zao Ying are very spiritual as well and they have an interesting way of life and ancient traditions."

Zao Ying has Modern technology, and is the place to go if you don't like Monarchy. It is ran by a Council of 5, they are chosen through the people. The land is consumed by mostly city, the land is reaches out 4,500 miles round. On the outskirts of the city is some grass lands, beaches, and then ocean. So it is a large Island. They are the heart of trading between lands.

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