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Faolan Kusibo of the Muladhara

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1Faolan Kusibo of the Muladhara Empty Faolan Kusibo of the Muladhara on Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:30 pm

Name:Faolan Kusibo
Skin tone/Fur color:Light grey
Tattoo(s)/Markings:Clan symbol
Tattoo/Marking color:Black
Articles/Clothing:loose fitting clothes/Light battle armor
Background:Born a Lycanthrope(Werewolf) during the Great Inter-clan War of 1918, Faolan was orphaned at age 9. Now the leader of the Muladhara Clan, He tries to compete with the other clans as well as keep the balance of power in check. The only remains of his family is the two necklaces his parents gave him. One with a clay piece with a sun panted on it and the other, an aqua-maroon crystal pendant that holds his very life force. In his past, he had a need to defend himself so he developed complicated, quick, and powerful combat techniques. He also tries to promote peace and appose conflict as much as he possibly can. Even if that means resorting to combat.

Likes:peace, blades, and anything sweet.
Dislikes:fighting, death, bitter tastes, and surprises
Strengths:Swordplay, medical actions, hand-to-hand combat, and card games, very persuasive, pressure points.
Weaknesses:Ranged combat, and surprise attacks, endangerment of friends and family, crystal pendant.
Powers:sensing immediate surroundings, transformative abilities, Extra sensory, energy manipulation.
Flaws:quick to frustrate, bad aim with ranged weapons, bad memory, Has OCD.

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