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Hope Silverfire; Of the Silverfire clan WIP

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1Hope Silverfire; Of the Silverfire clan WIP Empty Hope Silverfire; Of the Silverfire clan WIP on Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:08 pm

Hope Silverfire; Of the Silverfire clan WIP Female_Base_6_by_Noemi__Bases

Age 26
How old does s/he appear? 18
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Race: Heavenly Being

Hair color: White
Typical hairstyle: Long, and down

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 80lbs
Type of body/build: slim, busty

Skin tone: Fair, almost pale

Most predominant feature: Her 14' wingspan, and her black bunny ears

Weakness: She is physically weak, and quite fragile. In a face to face combat she wouldn't last long.
Physical abilities: She can fly, her light weight and large wings allow her too. 

Supernatural Abilities: She can manipulate light(A kind of power source, not the light from the sun), see small fragments of the future (Not enough to actually tell what is going to happen.) and she can tell when a person is lying.


Color: Blue
Music: Classical, harp music
Food: Noodles, she is a vegetarian


Smokes: No

Drinks: Water

Quirks: Super Shy, but when frustrated will yell.


Hometown: Blue Moon city
Type of childhood: 
First memory: 

Job: First Advisor for Jade, and a high priestess in the temple

Sexual Orientation: Straight

The Silverfire clan, who run the temple, and the entirety of Blue Moon


Greatest fear: Loosing her friends or family in battle, being betrayed

Character is most at ease when: Reading
Most ill at ease when: In battle

Priorities: Taking care of the princess

How s/he feels about self: 

Character's darkest secret: She has a prophesy against her due to her black wings. In her clan there once was an evil mage who controlled the shadows, she had black wings, and destroyed almost everything they held sacred. She tried taking over everything but failed. In her death, she warned saying she would be reincarnated, and she would succeed the second time around.
Hope has had that over her head since the day she was born. She has told a few amount of people, Jade and her other teammates. 


Character's soft spot: Her comrades.


Shy, quiet, protective, and caring.


Where does character live: Blue moon, but usually stays at the castle in Lightning valley.

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