A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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 1. The Wild Orcs

Description:  One of the portals in the jungle, outside of lightning valley has lead Orcs into the land. A group of them have been terrorizing the North roads that are leading out of the jungle. The roads are usually guarded to protect the civilians that want out of the city, but these orcs are something the guards are familiar with, and most are too afraid to take them out. Your task is to go to the north road, and stop them, bring them back dead or alive. Preferably dead. Scouts estimate about 20 are on the loose, but there could be more.

To accept the quest, go to the castle located in lightning valley. Jade will be giving out the quest.
The reward is the gem of invisibility, and 800 coins. The Gem is a mage's Gam, the power is able to make whoever wields it, turn invisible for five minutes.

2. Something is stinky in the jungle

Description: Scientist have been doing unwanted experiments in the jungle to the south. They have abandoned their facility there due to an accident, and now a huge mess is left. Their experiments was about mutation, turning normal creatures into mutants. Most of their mutations have escaped into the jungle, some are still locked up. The problem is the substance they used to create such creatures has been left there. 
The task is to retrieve the substance, and bring it to the labs in lightning valley. 
Optional: Release the caged creatures still there, or kill them, or leave them.

The scientist in the south lab of lightning valley is giving out this quest.
The reward is a new (Experimental) weapon, a gun that fires short plasma beams. The beams can burn through most objects.

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