A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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Things to know

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1Things to know Empty Things to know on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:02 pm

Enastana is ruled by Princess Jade Alice Dawn, as of recent events, she has the responsibility to raise the stars every night. Because of some laziness she tends to have, sometimes the world is left without stars for one night. This responsibility requires her to work together with the other kingdoms as they have similar tasks. This is to ensure world balance.

Enastana is home to all kinds of races, any are welcome. This realm is also known to their portals to other Dimensions. But once you go in one, its hard to come back out. The portals have let in monsters, and creatures of all sorts, one big reason they are located in the wilds instead of in any city. This makes it possible for any person from anywhere to come into this land.

This land has many magical plants and species. The more rare ones are located on Blue Moon City, a floating island to protect them from harm. One notable plant is the Salutifer Sugarcane. The sugar produced from it has amazing healing abilities, it can regenerate missing organs, make organs that don't work anymore become working once again, It can heal big wounds, or small wounds, the limitations have not been found. It is very rare, and only 50 ounces are made a year. It has been used to cure plagues, and incurable diseases. It is limited though, and most is stored in case of emergencies. Some is sold on the black market, and the rest is sold on the market for a big price. This Sugar can can only be found in this kingdom, is extremely rare to find in the wild, almost impossible.  

The city Lightning Valley used to be called, lower level Blue moon, because it was right under the floating city. The name has been changed since the returning of the Princess.

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