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(Samurai) Edmund “Ned” Flash Hitoshi

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1(Samurai) Edmund “Ned” Flash Hitoshi Empty (Samurai) Edmund “Ned” Flash Hitoshi on Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:06 pm

Name: (Samurai) Edmund “Ned” Flash Hitoshi
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Dragovi basilisk
Hair color: His hair or Mane is a deep blue; his fur is a more teal color
Eye color: He has hazel eyes.
Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Ned Is gifted in having a natural talent in the art of swords, his preferred style was taught to him by Master Matsuura Gidayu.
Weapon(s): A steel Katana Sword
Birth town: He was born in Zao Ying
Previous towns: He’s visited almost every city and town, only one he hasn’t visited are in the sacred lands and Estana.
Current town: He now currently is in Moon Bright
History: Edmund was abandoned by his parents at an orphanage in Zao Ying, due to abuse, He ran away and found himself at a Dojo where he learned the art of the sword, There He knew that the beating he got there had a true reason, He had learned to be himself but also be disciplined still getting hit on the head every once in a while but would either say “I deserved that” or “it was worth it”. After he had completed his training he begun to travel around the world of Holew He met Fox when he traveled to sword break and since then they had become close friends.
Personality: Ned can be described as “Childish” or “Wild” By others but to his master He describes him as “Respectable at certain times” and “able to make the toughest or most depressed people laugh”
Strengths: Ned’s Strengths are his ability to withstand event the Hardest hits.
Weaknesses: He will regret those hits later as he doesn’t feel the pain right away.
Family: Edmund's only family is Matsuura Gidayu.
Partner: Secret
Friends/relationships: Fox (Close Friend), Lysander (Acquaintance), Matsuura Gidayu (Master)

Likes: Practicing his sword skills, sitting in the Garden, Meditating.
Dislikes: Loud noises, being interrupted while meditating.
Fears: Being defeated in battle, losing his comrades
Sayings: “I deserved that”, “It was worth it”
Extra: He’s a guard in the Moon bright castle.


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