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Korus Fox Draken

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1Korus Fox Draken Empty Korus Fox Draken on Sun Sep 27, 2015 1:36 pm

Name: Korus fox Draken
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Dragovi Kitsune
Hair color: He has red fur that goes down his spine.
Eye color: Depends on which season it is, Spring is an emerald green, Summer is ruby, Fall is amber, Winter is white or Icy blue.
Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Fox ix Pyrokinetic (like blaze), and He can fly Via wings
Weapon(s): He has none
Birth town: Sacred lands
Previous towns: Sword break, Lunaris
Current town: Moon Bright Glathrea
History: Fox’s history is unknown
Personality: His persona can change depending on the situation or his status, right now he’s Andreas’ Adviser so He is very cautious of the Prince’s decisions and will sometimes go behind his back and make decisions.
Strengths: Fox’s greatest strength is his mind
Weaknesses: fox is not very strong, his wings are heavy.
Family: None
Partner: None
Friends/relationships: Andreas (Believes he’s a close friend of his), Lysander (He doesn’t like him), Ned (Has known him for a very long time)
Likes: any kind of meat, Fire, and the castle
Dislikes: Water, Lysander, and poisons
Fears: The prince getting poisoned, water, falling.
Sayings: Oi
Extra: He’s the Royal adviser


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Adviser Korus Fox Draken

He is the royal adviser and thinks he's a close friend to Andreas
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