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Lysander Faerak Gavinus the I

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1Lysander Faerak Gavinus the I Empty Lysander Faerak Gavinus the I on Fri May 08, 2015 8:22 am

Lysander Faerak Gavinus the I Solar_king_lysander_by_shadowstepofsoulclan-da36pn6

Name: (ExPrince) Lysander Faerak Gavinus the I

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Dragovi Hydra
Mane color: Golden w/ Blue/black/ mahogany tips

Characteristics: His fur is glossy and is hydrophobic, His hands and feet are webbed, He has a fin at the end of his tail, a spine on his back, two fins at the base of his tail, And gills on his neck.

Eye color: Amber
Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Lysander has no Powers but he does have an ability, He can charm many into doing what he wants, well most.
Weapon(s): He is trained with many weapons but his main weapon is his Cutlass “Keeper’s Bane”
Birth town: He was born in Xynnar
Previous towns: He has lived in Sword break before being given his position of Captain of the royal guard in Moon bright, Glathrea.
Current town: Moon Bright castle
History: Lysander was the heir to the hydras before his father was slain by Andreas. After that he and his brother had their reputations ruined and they were forced to live away from civilization, Lysander’s brother went insane while he was able to keep himself together by going into the nearby town Sword break. He wanted to avenge his father by killing the one who took his father’s life. He came close to fulfilling his goal many times until He was saved by Andreas when he was attacked by a angry mob; since then He had gained a new respect for the dragon.
Personality: Lysander is strong, kind, and at times, Childish. He can be described as generous and loving by some but to others he had been described as ruthless and crude. But Andreas would describe him as preppy, and Dominant. The reason why Andreas describes him as preppy is because he gets worked up when Andreas’ tail or mane is a mess (or if any one he knows hair is messy) or his own mane is a mess.
Strengths: Lysander has sharp eyes and good hearing making it hard for enemies to hide. He has claws on both his hands and feet.

Weaknesses: Due to the fact he has Sharp eyes and hearing, his sense of smell, taste and touch are not too well developed. His claws are brittle due to the lack of care and he would often cut them.
Family: Hyde Hashior Gavinus the II
Partner: Andreas

Friends/relationships: Fox (acquaintance/enemy), Ned (acquaintance)
Likes: Water, being with others.
Dislikes: Being alone, fighting with any one he cares about, his Brother’s insanity.
Fears: Losing any one he is responsible for (Such as royalty, nobles, a big fear of his), His brother,
Extra: The text color used for him will be Dark blue.


Lysander Faerak Gavinus the I Fox_copy_by_shadowstepofsoulclan-d8dkpzp
Adviser Korus Fox Draken

He is the royal adviser and thinks he's a close friend to Andreas
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