A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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About the brigade

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1About the brigade Empty About the brigade on Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:10 pm

We the Crimson Brigade was founded by Colonel Vile which the basis consists of 
stalinist/marxist and tribalist idealologies. It began as an inner circle, a 
small family of close comrades but has since then has gain popularity, several 
territories and power in the 4 corners of the Earth and even further beyond. The 
Crimson Brigade relies on an idea of unity of all peoples, regardless of race, 
color, age, religion and creed, and our first policy is for peace and loyalty to 
comrades above all else. However...if we are threatened or feel threatened we 
will indeed engage in war with our numerous allies across the map. For those who seek knowledge, trust, a sense of belonging and family, safety, protection and power, come join us, we will not turn our backs on your regardless of your 
"Skills"... however a few questions will be asked of you before recruitment is 
All Hail The Crimson Brigade!


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