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Fox Korrus Zabbek

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1Fox Korrus Zabbek Empty Fox Korrus Zabbek on Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:55 am

Name: 'Fox' Korrus Zabbek
Age: 46
Hair/Mane: his mane covers the top of his head and a part of his neck
Skin tone/Fur color: Brown Fur
Tattoo(s)/Markings: He has a black patch over his right eye and red socks
Tattoo/Marking color: Black/ red
Characteristics: He has horns on his head they curve behind his ears
Articles/Clothing: He occasionally would wear a blue scarf
Background: Fox was born and raised in a small pack of the now endangered Dragovi Fox,  That being will be explained later. Fox's name was given to him as more of an insult than anything, The older Dragovi foxes would pick on him, to the being called fox or Dog was an insult despite their close cousins the Arctic and red Fox

Likes: Any kind of meas cooked or raw, Fire

Dislikes: Fireworks, Any kind of cold, even if it is a drink

Strengths: He has a keen sense of smell, ( not as keen as Andre's thought) And keen eyesight He can fly.

Weaknesses: Any kind of food would make him act like a Dog even though He isn't one

Powers: He can Breathe Fire! That's it...

Flaws: He burns his tongue when ever He breaths Fire


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Adviser Korus Fox Draken

He is the royal adviser and thinks he's a close friend to Andreas
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