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1Vladimir  Empty Vladimir on Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:05 pm

Species: A Koumori (He is part bat)
Hobbies: Researching, Studying.
Likes: Darkness, Caves.
Dislikes: Rain, water.
Sexual Orientation: Bi Sexual
Background story: Vladimir was born in Estela, when he was ten years old he had seen Dawning Curse was being harassed, he stopped the harassing people. He basically save Dawning, years later he got a job to work with the princess, he really likes Dawning Curse. He will always impress her, when he found out she was getting married he was sad. He told her his feelings for her, but she couldn't be with him, he was then kinda... Friend zoned. (XD)

Looks like: He had black slick hair, his black fluffy ears pop out. He wears a green scarf and a black shirt. He has red gleaming eyes, he looks emotionless and unhappy. 
Height: 5'9
Vladimir is short compared to Dawning (XD)
Vladimir  Vladimir_1_by_princessstarlight132-d8dkwn1

Weakness: Water, Snow (same thing yada yada) Mean people, being tickled
Personality: Emotionless, shy.
Crush: Dawning Curse
Area He lives: Estela In the castle
Nickname: fluffles (XD)
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Red

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