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The missing Hydra skull (WIP)

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1The missing Hydra skull (WIP) Empty The missing Hydra skull (WIP) on Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:23 pm

One day in the castle The skull that Caius had worn as a crown had mysteriously disappeared. That skull once belonged to Hadar, of course that king being a hydra it wasn't much for him to lose a head, Andre feels that Some one had stolen it, to try to make big bucks off of it, not every one can get a Hydra skull like that. The skull was large, large enough for andre to curl up in it, so It couldn't have been misplaced. Who ever had taken it had to of had a lot of trouble carrying it with out making a scene. The prince had set out a reward for who ever finds the missing relic and brings it back to the Castle.

The skull is 6"7' long and 3"5' wide, it has Two horns that measures about 3 feet in length. The skull has two holes near the Horns for Caius' horns, and a third about a foot from the nostrils for his nose horn, all the teeth on the skull are still Connected to the skull. 

If you want to do this quest,you may have to leave Glathrea Depending on the clues for where the Skull could've been taken.

The islands in glathrean territory are
The Decaying Haven
fecilm Islands
wuholf Enclave
The Crystal Islands

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