A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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About Coffee

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1About Coffee Empty About Coffee on Sat Jan 03, 2015 12:25 pm

Coffee is a small city, reaching about 600 miles. What it lacks in land it makes up for in height, the city is full of skyscrapers seeming to  touch the clouds.
The city is pretty modern, it has Electricity, and vehicles. 
The City is a desert city, so water is scarce. Most of the water comes from underground, but unfortunately the underground water source is running low.
The city is known for its beautiful rock formations outside the city. A great place for camping.
About Coffee Stock-footage-strange-rock-formations-of-goblin-valley-state-park-in-the-desert-of-southern-utah
It is also known for its insane dust storms. Some can last for days, others have buried the streets, and homes in sand. 

Phones are hard to come by because of the dust storms, they are not much use when they don't work in them. They of course still have them.

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