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Darby Teagan

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1Darby Teagan Empty Darby Teagan on Fri Jan 02, 2015 7:58 pm

I was always an unusual girl. My mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean...
~Darby Teagan~

Pronunciation: Dar-Bee Tee-Gan
Nickname/Alias: Red, Gypsy, Wild Irish Rose, Durpy, Kirby
Meaning: "Free man"

Darby Teagan Darby

Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexaul
Age: 23 forever
Birthday: 3/20
Birthplace: Tralee, Ireland, Earth
Astrological Sign: Aries
Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Species: Human (very small percentage of blood is connected to Celtic Goddess Macha)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Blood Type: A-
Preferred Hand: Left handed
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Red
Body Type: Ectomorph
Build: Long legs, average build, fit but not overly toned.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Cup Size: 38B
Shoe Size: 7 1/2

Energy: Usually fairly laid back. Doesn't lack energy but you won't catch her bouncing around or being overly bubbly
Phobias: Drowning. Wasps. Rubber bands aimed towards her.

Style: Earthy mixed with a bit of classic. Has a fondness of animal print.
Grooming: Usually well-kept
Posture: Suggestive
Gait: Quick with long strides
Habits and Mannerisms: Crosses her arms when she's unsure of a situation, tends to pout with furrowed brows when she's agitated
Scent: Hint of vanilla mixed with cinnamon

Mood: Carefree
Attitude: Optimistic and tenacious
Stability: Emotionally stable
Expressiveness: Keeps most emotions to herself

Accessories: Tiger shark tattoo on lower back Rose tattoo on upper left shoulder (see pic above), Poison Dart frog tattoo on back of right shoulder
Trinkets: Key necklace
Funds: She lives comfortably
Collections: Snapple bottle caps, vintage perfume bottles
Most valuable possession: Grand piano that currently resides at her grandmother's
Prized Possession: Key necklace

Lovers: Undisclosed
Marital Status: Single
Sex Life: Insatiable
Type: Eros
Turn-Ons: Tattoos, biting, eye contact, confidence
Turn Offs: Talking down, empty promises, insecurity, being overly cocky
Fetishes: Voyeurism, sadism, stigmatophilia
Element: Fire

Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, pool, herping
Skills/Talents: Piano
Likes: Vodka and whiskey, coffee, cats, fog, thunderstorms, sweets, spring rain, summer, fuzzy socks, tiger lilies, nighttime, poison dart frogs
Dislikes: wasps, pepper, sauerkraut, being cold, sunburn, someone drowned in cologne/perfume, last call, hang overs
Sense of Humor: A bit dry
Pet Peeves: Obnoxious chewing, vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity, gum popping
Superstitions/Beliefs: Salt over the shoulder, finger crossing
Guilty Pleasures: The movie Drive, honey blunts, vodka

Languages: English, Gaelic, Japanese
Accent: Irish
Voice: Listen
Signature Quote: "You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches."
Reputation: "I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation. You're living in the past, it's a new generation. A girl can do what she wants to do and that's what I'm gonna do"
First Impressions: Assertive, coy, confident, a bit brash.

Personality Type: ENTJ
Temperament: Choleric
Persona/Mask: Party girl, "Devil-may-care" attitude
Personality generalized: Independent, laid-back, stubborn at times. Fairly easy to get along with. Optimistic, care-free.
Alignment: Chaotic
Symbol: Tiger shark
Song: "Ride" Lana Del Rey
Vice: Lust
Virtue: Diligence
One Word: Tenacious
Affiliations: Rainbow Bridge,  Army of Souls
Darby was born in a small town in Ireland, nothing extraordinary. She was raised by her mother, her father had disappeared when she was too young to remember. Her mother was considered the town psychic/fortune teller/witch, giving tarot card readings, palm readings, potions, etc... to whoever was willing to pay. Darby never took what her mother did too seriously, but always found tarot card reading a fun distraction, often carrying her own set around to gain a few dollars from the kids at school. Though her mother's occupation was seen as a joke to most of the kids and she wasn't always treated kindly. Her mother decided to enroll her in capoeira at having a Brazilian customer who was well versed in the style, in exchange as payment for his weekly readings. She wasn't a very social child, sticking to herself mostly, seeing as how most kids found her an oddity for what her mother did. She never resented her mother in what she did, knowing from a young age people shouldn't judge others because of someone else's choices. At the age of 10 a teacher got her interested in the hobby of herping and thus began her love and interest of all things reptilian and amphibian, though Ireland didn't have a large variety but she was able to order some as pets, Herping sent her out on her own adventures as her mother would often send her out of the house during some sessions. She never quite understood why she could stay for some and not others. At the age of 13 she came back home after being sent out of the house for a particular reading only to find her mother sprawled across the kitchen floor dead, a strange symbol drawn in chalk on the table and some rather dark omens displayed on the particular tarot card reading that was performed earlier. She found out later her mother had been strangled because her mother's client wasn't exactly keen on the prediction he was given. She took her mother's set of tarot cards and signature key necklace, never knowing why her mother always wore it, her mother changed the subject whenever she asked. It didn't take long for her to find her mother's killer, her mother kept a detailed book of her clients and his were never very optimistic. Before she was sent off to Dublin to live with her only other relative whose whereabouts were known, she made her way to the man's house late that night to strangle her mother's killer in his sleep. She was on the road early the next morning before anyone else was the wiser and a 13 year old girl was never a prime suspect.
Once in the city she had a bit of a culture shock, it was nothing like the country side she grew up on. Her grandmother was a strict woman but it did nothing but make Darby's nature even more rebellious as it was soon evolving into it. Murdering a man and watching the life drain from him changed her. She was not the same quiet, shy girl from before. She started lifting small things from shops for the hell of it, going to parties and finding herself in a whole new crowd of people. It started out as small crimes, things that were done just for kicks, as well as diving into the whole drugs and alcohol scene. She finds herself in a gang, a "gopher" at the beginning just doing stupid shit for the other members. She quickly rose in the ranks and soon found herself as second hand to the leader. Few knew her as Darby as she was called anything from Gypsy, to Red, to Wild Irish Rose. Though she was ruthless in her gang, her studies didn't suffer as that part of her still remained. Knowledge was a weapon all in it's own and she had seen what ignorance had done to people. She had no intention of staying where she was and ending up in a rut or dead at a young age. Though apparently the whole not sticking around happened sooner than she expected but at least luck was on her side. A mole had apparently infiltrated their gang at some point, selling them all out to the police in nearly full detail of their crimes. She had just graduated school at this time and her grandmother made arrangements for her to be enrolled in a foreign exchange student program for college, believing sending her to Tokyo, Japan would straighten her out at growing exhausted at all the trouble she was causing in her current home. Darby didn't object due to the fact she was about to find herself in some serious trouble if she stayed and took full advantage of this. And so she was out of the country before the police worked their ways up to the ranks to find her involved.
Once in Tokyo she did chill out for a bit, focusing on her studies which ended up being biology, specifically herpetology. She went about living a normal life for a good while until her history caught up to the family she lived with and for fear of her turning to a life a crime and influencing their other children to do the same, as well as if they came searching for her here, the family didn't want to be involved in the risk of being on the bad side of the law and so kicked her out of their home. She tried to convince them she had changed but they weren't having it. And so she ended up out on the streets and found herself slipping back into a life of crime. She considered herself a survivor and she sure as hell wasn't going to spend her life begging on the streets, her pride wouldn't allow that. She began lifting items again, convincing herself it was only things she needed and no one would miss the items. She soon found that she missed the thrill and gave up fighting against it, apparently it was meant for her to be involved in this type of life. She found herself partying all night, running the streets during the day, and dropping out of college. She avoided the whole joining an actual gang for a while, for fear of the same thing happening here as back in Ireland since she had no intention of dealing with being on the run again. She found herself going to actual bars as opposed to underground parties when she just wanted somewhere to go at night that didn't involve the heavy drugs and lost people. She enjoyed bars for the sake of people watching and the occasional educated or decent conversation that didn't involve what gang was against or for this gang. After getting hit on by an overly drunken man who had no intention of taking "no" for an answer she ended up beating him to a near pulp, apparently the guy had no been expecting her to be more than capable of defending herself. This apparently caught the interest of a guy called Junior Erai. She spent the rest of the night chatting it up and basically giving the guy her life story. At seeing potential in her he invites her to join Rainbow Bridge. At deciding she couldn't keep going like this on her own she agrees.
She finds herself quite content in Rainbow Bridge, finding she had now been involved for 5+ years from the date of the Sake Ceremony where she was officially instated as a member and given the unmistakable rainbow bridge jacket. She was always more than willing and often went above and beyond any challenge or task thrown at her, easily finding herself gaining grounds in the ranks, finding a place she finally felt she belonged. She ended up going back to college and getting her bachelor's degree. She made a name for herself with her interest in venomous/poisonous amphibians and reptiles, particularly poison dart frogs, (specifically the Golden poison frog since it was the only species that was potent enough not to be killed for it's poison). She used this knowledge to her advantage to create weapons that would be unique to herself. Particularly her go-to weapon of choice was her detailed knives that she kept dipped in poison dart frog toxins. She also had a bow with arrows dipped in the same substance. She kept close ties with Junior Erai often working side by side with him and managing a spot into the Mile Highs, a special forces unit of Rainbow Bridge. Soon the rumors of Luis Madera, one of her bosses, being missing became more than just a rumor and were soon believed to be truth. Junior and herself were sent on the mission of finding him.
After retracing his steps to the best of their ability and learning that Luis no longer resided on Earth she took a shot in the dark of contacting some of her mother's old friends from her "psychic circle" and found a lead on a one person who was rumored to be able able to do more than just read people's future and cast small spells. He was greek in origin and went by the name Cronos and was more than willing to help Darby at having known her mother, which Darby was slightly suspicious of since she didn't know of Cronos. Once coming in contact with him, he agrees to send Junior and herself to where he believed Luis would be currently residing after hearing what they knew about Luis' disappearance, a place called Valucre. He couldn't guarantee that both of them would land in the same place once they reached Valucre but they both decided that was probably for the best as they could cover more ground. He asked to do a tarot reading on the both of them, and Darby figured it couldn't hurt and so indulged him. He used a strange set of cards she had never seen nor knew how to interpret, assuming they must be Greek in origin. He informed them that they were to achieve great things in life and the curse of age should not be allowed to be a hindrance and so allowed Darby to drink ambrosia, granting her immortality. He informed Darby of the power running through her blood, that she shared it with the Celtic goddess Macha. She eyed him like he was an insane person as she believed there was no way one could figure that out from a simple tarot card reading. He then drew a rudimentary raven back of her left hand in a strange substance that disappeared into her skin as soon as it dried. The man stated this would awaken what dwelled in her blood allowing her the gift of ancient magic, increased strength, and healing properties. He informs Darby that Macha was the Goddess of cunning, death, sheer physical force, and a protectoress in both battle and in times of peace and that she would inherit the same abilities. She still has no idea what he meant by all this as she hasn't had a chance to "invoke" what dwelled within her.The last she remembers is the man chanting in a language she couldn't place and finding herself floating in space for a good 2 years, and finding herself on the shore line of a place she could only assume was Valucre. As the man who managed to get her here stated Junior was no where to be spotted.
Note: See Luis Madera's for more info about RB

  • Detailed knives (usually dipped in poison)
  • Cross bow

    • has arrows dipped in poison and arrows filled with explosives, able to give off a blast equal to a grenade, and normal arrows (or bolts whatever you want to call them for a crossbow)

  • Stun Sword
  • Throwing Knives
  • .45 Colt Revolver
  • Herself. Skilled in Capoeira as well as having Peak Human abilities.
  • Can create a shield of energy that will prevent bullets, arrows, etc... from penetrating. As for a blast (grenade, magic blast, etc...) it won't fully protect but will diminish a lot of the damage. At the moment can shield herself and one other person.

Darby Teagan Darby2

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Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies?
Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?
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