A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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In The Jungle

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1In The Jungle Empty In The Jungle on Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:22 pm

The jungle expands over 100k miles, all around lightning valley, both protecting it, and putting it in a little bit of danger. There are four gates that lead into the city, with four roads leading out of the Jungle. Each road has patrols, and guards, protecting citizens who want to go into Lightning valley, and those who want out. The transportation through is a simple Jeep. Sometimes multiple jeeps on the road at one time. 

In the jungle are many creatures big... and bigger. No creature in the Jungle is small, not even the plants. The trees reach up to 50k miles high, and the creatures can be just as big. The longest snake on record, is 10k miles long. The head as big as airplane. 
The bugs are just as big as well. Some creatures are hostile, others are very peaceful. 

So while in the Jungle, be weary, and those who can't fight are warned to stay on the road. 

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