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Epicness Shop

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1Epicness Shop Empty Epicness Shop on Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:36 pm

To pay for anything, donate to the "NoOne" Profile, and send a message to me.

Pets: They are displayed on your profile.
Currently only four atm. Each are 100 Epicness Points

Red Chuie
Epicness Shop Chuie
Blue Chuie
Epicness Shop BlueChuie
Green Chuie
Epicness Shop GreenChuie
Pink Chuie
Epicness Shop PinkChuie


Name Change: 70 Epicness

A city of your own: 1000

You will need the permission of the lands owner, and detailed description of the city. (Not a subforum)

 A subforum with a city of your own: 1500

You will also need permission from the land owner as well as a detailed description of what you will use it for.

A state in Zoria(New one, this includes subforum, and your own mini nation): 2100
You will need to send me a detailed description of what the state looks like, where it is at, what is it know for, etc.

A state in Zoria(Existing one): 2000
The existing ones are already posted, and have their own subforums. You will need to add your own flavor to it, new duke, lore, maybe cities if you want new cities. 

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