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Sam (Samantha) Rivers

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1Sam (Samantha) Rivers Empty Sam (Samantha) Rivers on Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:11 am

Sam (Samantha) Rivers Nekomimi%20fairies%20animal%20ears%20short%20hair%20anime%20scarfs%20white%20hair%20purple%20eyes%20anime%20girls%20jinrui%20wa%20su_www.wall321.com_97

Age: 20
How old does s/he appear: 18
Eye Color: Purple
Race: Animal Being: Mouse

Hair color: Purple
Typical hairstyle: Short, choppy cut

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 100lbs
Type of body/build: Slim, flat chested

Skin tone: Fair

Distinguishing Marks: scars noticeable on her arms, legs, chest, and back

Most predominant feature: Her small figure, and her mouse ears and tail.

Weakness: She hates all things girly and will never wear a dress without someone getting hurt. She is (secretly) scared of snakes, but she will never admit it. She isn't that fast for a mouse.
Physical abilities (what is character good at? sports, etc.): Physically, she is stronger than jade when it comes to lifting things. she can lift anything under 1500lbs.

Supernatural Abilities: She can control earth (Much like an earthbender) 


Smokes: No

Drinks: Rum

Worst bad habit? 

Quirks: She likes to hit people for absolutely no reason.


Hometown: Unknown
Type of childhood: Orphaned at the age of 3. 
First memory: Being saved from a shade, and joined the rebellion.

Job: Guard

Sexual Orientation: Straight


None, unless you count her comrades


Greatest fear: Snakes, and not being wanted.

Character is most at ease when: Fighting, or hanging out with friends
Most ill at ease when: In a dress, or being called by her full name

How s/he feels about self: Over confident on the outside, but on the inside she is pretty insecure.


Character's soft spot: Her friends

Tomboyish, aggressive, easily annoyed, likes teasing others, and usually hyper.


Where does character live: Lightning Valley Somewhere


Person character secretly admires: Will never tell a soul
Person character was most influenced by: Jade
Most important person in character's life before story starts: Her Master (Who is dead)

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