A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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Dawning Curse

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1Dawning Curse Empty Dawning Curse on Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:18 pm

Age: 24
Type: Human mage
Height: 5'11
Eye Color: A reddish Orange
Background: She was born in Eprevaria by the queen which died a few weeks after Dawnings birth. A few later after she found out she was depressed for a few months. When she got her staff she was able to raise the sun, she is known as the sun princess from some people, she led warmth to the world so they wouldn't die of the freezing cold, she later found out that Princess Jade and Prince Andreas got a staff too, Andreas was able to lift the moon, and Jade could raise the stars. They all kept the world balanced.

Hair color: Normally black in the night but in the sun it is a fiery red,
Picture of her wearing armor : Dawning Curse Dawning_curse_by_princessstarlight132-d8c34kg 

She doesn't wear dresses often, because war can break out any time.

Personality: Cheerful, Loyal, Nice.
Adviser: Vladimir
Lives: Eprevaria, Estela.
Likes: Sleeping, The sun, Fire.
Dislikes: Guns, winter.
Personality: Happy, Cheerful, Loyal, Playful, Nice.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Soon to marry the prince Xino, she doesn't mind but she liked her Adviser more. But she has to follow the law.

Father: King Gerald
Mother: Queen Haley, (But she is dead)
Smokes: No
Drinks: Soda, or water.
Crush: Xino, and Vladimir.
Hobbies: Sleeping, Singing, Dancing, Reading/Research.

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