A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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Species of Enastana WIP

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Any kind of race can be found here, but some have called it home since the beginning, others are just so rare, they should be listed.

Heavenly Beings:
     They look just like angels, big white wings, beautiful bodies, etc. They are not angels, this race has been here since the planet developed, grew, and matured. They do age, very slowly. Extremely slowly.By the time they get to the age 200,000 they look like an old hag. In their youth years, they age like any other, their aging slows around 18. Sometimes slower, on some rare occasions they have been to known to look ten years old for over 100 years. 
They live mostly on Blue Moon city, the floating island right above lightning valley. The main clan is the Silverfire clan, a very widely known clan throughout Enastana, next to the Dawn clan.
This race uses holy magic, and an energy called Light, its not light from the sun though. (The light will be put in a different information thing.)

Animal Beings:
         These are also known as Kitsune, neko, etc. Basically people with animal like features, ears and a tail usually. They are also known to have heightened senses, and some other traits that could be affiliated with the animal. The race has been around on Enastana for over 500 years, a pretty new race. They were created to help fight in a war that raged on this planet, before the other two worlds merged into it. (Good thing they finished the war before the two planets came in)

Shades (Aka Shadows):
          They are the main enemy of Enastana. They normally do not have a physical form, making them almost impossible to fight against. They are known to possess others who are weak mentally, and take on their body. once that body dies, they move to the next. 
They enslaved the whole planet, and kept it that way for about 10 thousand years, until a rebellion was led about a thousand years ago. The war wasn't going very well, until an opposite was found their weakness. The light, mentioned before, was the only thing that could touch them. 
There is different levels of shades, (Listed weakest to strongest) The minions, The Hunters, The Mercenaries, The generals, The royals, and then the king.
They still live, they hide in the dark, keeping low. The King still lives, and one day the princess will have to fight him once again to fully destroy the threat of the shades taking over again.

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