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Andreas flame Dragon

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Andreas flame Dragon Lunar_queen_andreas_by_shadowstepofsoulclan-da36pl0
Name:Andreas Flame Dragon

Age: 18

Gender: M/F(Due to Species and Breed)

Species: Dragovi Chimera, Dragon/Basilisk

Hair color: Silver/pastel blue

Fur Color: Black His muzzle is a light tan W/ Red stripes under his eyes.
Markings: Andreas has red stripes that are all over his body.

Eye color: L Red, R Blue

Powers/abilities/gifts: Powers/ Andreas has the power to summon any Element At will, but there is a cost. Abilities/ If Andreas is severely injured or someone close to him is injured, He has the Ability to Heal himself and others if he has the Energy. Gifts/ Andreas is gifted with Flight, Speed, And Strong Senses, Well all but one.

Weapon(s): Andreas has two Scythes he fights with, The End, Bond of Dragon souls, and Cruel moon. The end is his more trademark weapon as he uses it more than the other, Cruel is too heavy for him to attack quickly with. The End can kill by just touching someone, while Cruel can draw blood and will not kill instantly. Both Scythes are sentient... Well The End, according to Andreas, is a Moron whilst Cruel is more intelligent and strategic.

Birth town: Draconia

Previous towns: Lunaris, Swordbreak

Current town: Xynnar

History: After Caius was slain, Andreas at age 12, was to be crowned, But he had refused to take the crown and decided to try to unite the Three kingdoms together, At his age and the time, this was more than he could handle, but he was determined to prevent the loss of more lives and unnecessary bloodshed. He headed to The kingdom of Lunaris, an ocean side city, home to his birth father and the Basilisk Dragovi. Andreas was able to charm the king to agree with the Glathrea plans. His next task was Xynnar, the city of Xynnar was the home to the Hydra, during the great war they were allies with the Basilisk, if he was going to get them to join he had to bend backwards and jump through hoops just to be able to speak to the king who was fatally ill. Andreas stayed by the Xynnese king until the king passed away, Andreas, who was very sensitive to those around him and to death, mourned the Death of someone who he didn't know, Seeing this the Heir who was crowned king the next morning new Andreas ment no harm and agreed to the Glathrea plan.

Personality: From Lysander's Perspective of Andreas' Personality: “
Andreas can be stubborn and at times, aggressive when certain visitors come by. But when it's just me he's very shy and docile, but will show aggression towards me if he felt the need All in all, Andreas is Feral and seemed to have lacked contact with his own kind and others for quite a long time

Andreas' Nature is usually Feral to most and others, he's like this until he knows he can trust the other, he can be stubborn and aggressive at times but if he's not feeling like he's being pushed to do something or threatened, He docile and Submissive(the Submissive part Lysander has yet to see) He is very sensitive and if you push him far enough or put him under a lot of pressure he would either snap or break down into tears.

Strengths: Andreas' Sense of Smell, Taste, sound and touch are much stronger than the average Dragovi, making him very good at tracking down anyone in any condition. Andreas' Air bladder is an organ Hybrid of said organ and a Swim bladder making swimming and flight easy for him

Weaknesses: Andreas has pretty low stamina, which is common in both Breeds that he is (Dragon and Basilisk) Andreas also has very poor vision and cannot make out words or creatures out if they are standing at a distance, (blurriness starts at 4-5 feet away, things blend together at 10-20 feet) He cannot stand bright lights loud sounds, or and potent smells

Family: None that he knows

Partner: Lysander

Friends/relationships: Fox, Ned, Hyde(Acquaintance)

Likes: Sitting in the castle garden, sleeping, being out at night, Anything shiny and soft

Dislikes: bright lights, pungent smells, Loud sounds

Fears: Being alone, Losing Lysander,

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