A world where war can wage, or a random alien attack could happen.


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Major Places

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The Portal Gates

The portal gates are portals to other dimensions, they are usually located outside of cities and towns because on some occasions monsters from other realms wonder through. These portals can lead you any where you want to go if you walk through. They can take you to another country in this realm, or send you into the void. Go through at your own risk. Why are they there? After the converging of three worlds, they were left in place, permanently open. Scientist have been working hard to close them, but, there is a chance if they are closed, the whole world would collapse in on itself. But they honestly have no idea, they can't know what would happen if it has never happened before.
For now the portals are a major tourist attraction. Creatures from all places walk through, making this world a bigger place. It is guarded, to protect innocents from any unwanted forces. 

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